SF-2500 Electric Pipe Freezer (230V)
  • SF-2500 Electric Pipe Freezer (230V)

RIDGID SF-2500 Electric Pipe Freezer (230V)(68832)

RIDGID Model SF-2500. Fast electric pipe freezing for maintenance or repair work. Eliminates the need to drain system. The RIDGID. SF-2300 and SF-2500 are self-contained mini refrigeration units.

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For freezing 12 to 35 mm steel and 12 to 42 mm copper.

Fast. The powerful compressor in combination with the 3-cavity direct freezing heads forms ice plugs in just a few minutes.
Portable & Robust. No bulky gas cylinders. Self-contained unit in site proof metallic case with transport resistant compressor, is easily carried from job to job.
Safe. No dangerous dry ice or toxic fumes. Contains CFC free refrigerant.
Convenient. Repairs can be made close to the frozen part of the tube and without the need to drain the entire system.
Designed for continuous use. No risk of running out of C02 dry-ice gas during repairs.


• Powerful 296 W compressor.
• 3-cavity direct freezing heads allow fast and optimum freezing performance.
• More flexibility with use of inserts on the 3-cavity head for 12, 15, 22, 35 mm steel and copper tubing.
• Hose connected perpendicularly to freezer head. Allows easier working in restricted spaces and on pipes close to wall or near floor.
• 2,5 mm thick, 1,98 m long rubber hoses with protective springs against wearing ensuring longer hose life time.
• Unique Freeze Gel formula sticks to the freeze heads without dripping off and helps reducing freezing times.

The SF-2300 is designed for frequent use on small diameter pipes (up to 114" (32 mm) steel pipe and 42 mm copper) in commercial applications. For faster pipe freezing of large diameter pipe we recommend using the model SF-2500 (see next page).

Standard Equipment

• SF-2300 SuperFreeze Unit.
• Freeze Head with 18-28-42 mm cavities.
• Set of 2x 12/15/22/35 mm inserts for copper / steel tubing.
• Set of 2 Velcro. Straps.
• 1 Clamp Bar.
• 1 Spray Bottle.
• 1 Bottle Freeze Gel (237 ml).

Note: Always make sure SuperFreeze heads and hoses are completely thawed before removing from pipe. DO NOT forcefully remove from pipe with any kind of tool, as it could permanently damage the heads and hoses.


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