150mm Casters
  • 150mm Casters

RIDGID Model 695 150mm Casters(30313)

RIDGID Model 695 Casters. Load ratings are for all four wheels combined. Rating includes weight of RIDGID® product and its contents. Each caster set includes two rigid and two swivel casters with mounting bolts. Caster sets with brakes have the brake unit located on the swivel casters. RIDGID casters are recommended for use with RIDGID products.

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150 mm CASTERS (Cat. No. 30313)
• Model: 695 (with brakes).
• Solid Polypropylene HD.
• Load per Set: 1180 kg.
• Fits Models: All Models.

Caution: Caster brakes are not suitable for keeping the units in place when transporting. Secure by another method. Do not use casters on rough or uneven surfaces. Do not tow caster-mounted boxes.