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StrutSlayr & RP 340 Kit, Head + Case + 21 x 41 mm Dies-64053SS21

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The NEW RIDGID® StrutSlayr is the latest accessory that makes the world’s most popular press tool even more valuable. StrutSlayr attaches to RIDGID® 32kN press tools todeliver a fab shop quality, burr-free cut in 5 seconds or less.

No grinding or sawing sparks - just a clean, consistent SHEAR cut with a pull of a trigger.

Weighing up to 17% less and 30% smaller than our previous unit, the RP 340-B provides all the same functionality and durability of previous models but in a much lighter and more compact design.

This pack contains


Fab Shop Quality: Burr-free cuts eliminate the need for extra filing

Increased Efficiency: Clean, consistent cuts in 5 seconds or less

Shear Cut: no grinding or sawing sparks

Portable: Easy to move around the job site and mounts to RIDGID TRISTANDs

Built-in Measuring Guide: allows accuracy of cut on job site

Equipment Included:

- 21mm x 41mm Dies

- Head

- StrutSlayr Case

- RP 340-B (43238)

- RP 340-B Case

- Charger


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