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SeeSnake LT1000M w/ Battery and Charger Kit
  • SeeSnake LT1000M w/ Battery and Charger Kit

RIDGID SeeSnake LT1000M w/ Battery and Charger Kit-36668

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The LT100M is a detached interface that allows you to interface with any SeeSnake reel.


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Ultimate Flexibility in recording, monitoring, and reporting. Unlock the power of your laptop to monitor, record, and communicate.

Clean Keys Control Pad allows you to keep gloved hands off the laptop keyboard while controlling camera operation and recording during an inspection.

Battery Powered Freedom lets you perform inspections regardless of availability of AC power.

Laptop Stabilization System allows you to secure and stabilize your laptop and reel to protect it in the field (full LT1000 only).


  • Power: 18 V LI Battery or AC Plug.
  • Outputs: USB Video Stream, RCA Video and Audio.
  • Controls: Sonde, Lights, Recording, Image Rotation, etc.


The full LT1000 System mounts directly onto your SeeSnake Mini or Standard reel giving you a stacked and stable platform with a single cord interface.

  • Compatibility: All SeeSnake Mini and Standard Reels.
  • Includes: SeeSnake HQ™ Monitoring/Recording Software, Reel Mounting Kit, 6' (1,8 m) USB Cable, 4 Reel Outriggers (for stability), AC Power Cable

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