RB-3W Drilling System Stand
  • RB-3W Drilling System Stand

RB-3W Drilling System Stand(34521)

Stand for RB-3W Drilling System.

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Stand Features

  • Combined base for vacuum or anchor fixing.
  • Quick-acting motor connection.
  • Ceiling jack on top of column.
  • 2 Built-in spirit levels and 4 adjustment screws for perpendicular drilling.
  • Drill-hole centre indicator, drilling depth indicator for accurate drilling.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Support arms for optimal fixation.

Stand Technical Specifications

  • Max. capacity 162 mm.
  • Max. depth of feed: 540 mm.
  • Drilling angle up to 45°.
  • Delivered with rubber seal for vacuum base.
  • Dimensions of stand (L x W x H): 480 mm x 280 mm x 995 mm.
  • Stand weight: 13,8 kg.


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RB-3W Stand
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